We have been working on eating healthy and trying to stay away from eating in restaurants. When I am not in China Annie eats out almost every day, so when I am in Beijing we like to eat at home. Restaurant food is not only ridiculously expensive, its oily and you have no idea what is going on in a Chinese kitchen. Shopping in Beijing is not like in the US, first of all I do not have a car so everything has to be within walking distance. And second, there are no large grocery stores like in the US, instead you have little markets that do not always have everything you need. But with a little bit of patience and time I can usually create a good breakfast and dinner. The dinner almost always has leftovers and those get packed away for Annie's lunch the following day.

thai food in Beijing

I really got into cooking Thai food this trip, or at least Thai style dishes. Almost all of my dinners have been some type of Asian style cuisine. It makes more sense to cook what is more easily available, and it is great practice with the wok!