I got a call around 1pm saying that a friend of my brother-in-law was going to drop off a whole lamb at the apartment if I was willing to process it. It was hard to turn down a whole Mongolian lamb, especially when I had never seen one before so I told them to come on over. It was still partially frozen so I worked as fast as possible to pull the frozen parts off and bag them for the freezer. It was a job, as in about a 6 hour job. I made a couple of gallons of lamb stock from the weird parts, and froze most of the rest. As we ate some of this later in the week it was really obvious this was a fresh lamb. Super tasty. The rest was divided up among my wife's family to eat later this year. With the vacuum bag storage it should last up to a year.

Whole Mongolian Lamb

lamb in Beijing

massive Chinese lamb ribs