Ever since I purchased a Campagnolo Athena group for the Serotta it has been NOTHING but problems. It is a triple set, and I picked it up a little over 3 years ago because the chrome matched the Serotta perfectly. It was installed and I put about 120 miles on it before putting the bike away. It was nothing but a mess, the front derailleur would bind and lock up constantly. Finally this year I wanted to ride the bike so the first thing I did was take it to Spokes out in Wheaton because they are a Campy Pro shop. Its a long story, but they refused to service the set under warranty because it was not purchased from them. A call to Campagnolo North America confirmed that it WAS under warranty but that it might take 2 months for the part I needed to be shipped from Italy. So I bought new levers, had them installed and took it for a test ride.

The first very short ride was fine, so I waited until this week to really start shaking it down for the North Shore Century next Sunday. Bad decision. It shifts like crap, binding if there is even the slightest load on the chain. And the best part is they decided to use Shimano SIS cables instead of either proper Campagnolo cables or the matching silver Jag Wire cables that I had put on for the brakes. Here is a pic of how the binding happens when it is at its worst. This causes a complete lock up of the chain and mashes the piss out of the FD.

Campagnolo Athena Chain Problem

Some more shots of the FD setup. The chain came back from them unbelievably cruddy.