I really had the urge to make a batch of vegetarian chili when the weather dropped down to -18F (-27C for you metric types). I have always been interested in vegetarian chili styles but I wanted something that had a great texture. I started out with a base recipe from Emeril Lagasse off the Food TV site. But there are a couple of changes that are necessary to really make this shine. First of all, the tomatoes must be peeled and seeded. If you don't do this step the tomato skins curl up and are unattractive in the chili. The second change is to eliminate the one cup of water and substitute one cup of a good quality IPA beer. Something where the hops flavor really pops. And the last change is to add in 4-5 tablespoons of a nicely browned flour right towards the end of the cooking process. Maybe more or less depending on what it takes to get a nice thick consistency.

vegetarian chili