I stopped by Great Leap and Slow Boat over the last week to see what was going on. I have to say the feeling and customer service at Great Leap is much improved. Their banana beer was excellent, along with several other choices. Chandler's new Slow Boat Taproom is done really well, with a nice clean place, a real bathroom, and 20 beers on tap. Their vanilla porter was the best Beijing brewed beer that I have had yet. And it came in at a decent 8.75 ABV.

I need to get out more and check out some of the newer places that have sprouted up. Things have been busy with helping Annie on some of her projects, working on a couple of things for a client in the U.S., and just trying to find a way to exercise and live a healthy life in Beijing. This site needs to be revamped, and I have more web development projects that needs to get done as soon as possible

The Breitling juicer has worked out well, but so far I seem to like my old Champion better. I just can't bring a Champion in my luggage (too heavy), and the Breitling works fine it is just more troublesome to clean.

Breitling juicer in Beijing