I am working feverishly to complete Telecaster #2 for a friend's son and Telecaster #3 for a future buyer. Both guitars are still a ways from completion but the quality is first rate. The finishing process has been tricky but so far I am very happy with where it is. Initially I did a pore fill with some of the Bartletts I have saved over the years.

Pore filling telecaster

Pore filling on Telecaster #3 was done very differently, using tung oil and 220 grit sandpaper. I applied the tung oil with the sandpaper and used it to create a slurry that was pushed down into the pores.

walnut and mahogany pore fill

After the pore fill on Telecaster #2 I shot it with yellow TransTint dye using denatured alchohol as the carrier.

TransTint yellow dye guitar

Followed by shooting the back with TransTint orange, carrier modified with 30% RO water.

Telecaster sunburst

And then each coat was repeated using TransTint and laquer.

Telecaster Raspberry Burst front

Telecaster raspberry burst back