The JBL's had another failure a few weeks ago and I decided it was time for them to retire after 25 years of service. I started looking at options, but I could not afford to buy a nice pair of new speakers. I looked at some used ones that were available within driving distance, but the more I looked the more I realized I could build something much nicer. I have never owned Klipsch or any other horn speaker, and I have always said it would be nice to try a high efficiency pair. While looking at used Klipsch speakers I found a guy named Bob Crites from Crites Speakers who supplies new crossovers and drivers to upgrade existing Klipsch. He also has a great design called a "Cornscala" that combines the best attributes of the Klipsch Cornwall and the Klipsch Lascala.

I started out only milling the motor board (baffle) and telling myself I would not really build a pair, I just wanted to see if I could mill the MDF pattern for the motor board. But that quickly spiraled into a full blown effort to modify Bob's original design to incorporate split cabinets and different grills. And that led me to really wanting a pair in China, so I thought I would build TWO pair.... I wanted to have the cabinets match the existing cherry furniture and in particular the coffee table. So I chose to use 3/4" MDF core cherry ply, A1 grade for the first pair. The layups were done in CutList Plus using a series of manual drawings I used to develop the design. The panels were VERY heavy, and I broke them up on the workbench prior to moving over to the table saw. I am starting the edge banding process today, and clamping the first of the tops and bottoms (total of 8 pieces per pair).

cutting cherry plywood

cherry speaker panels for cabinets