Today is 60 days since I began my diet and exercise plan. My fasting blood sugar has been more volatile then I would like, coming in today at 88. I really would like to see it consistently below 80 but so far I have not been able to achieve that. The good news is I am below 220 lbs for the first time in probably close to 10 years. That means a total weight loss of 36.2 lbs. It feels great, and the biking feels great. The only thing I would complain about is that in the week leading up to Annie's arrival, and the two weeks she was here I lost almost no weight. In fact at one point I gained almost 7 lbs back. But now I am back on track and aiming to be below 200 in the next two months. Finally some of my clothes are starting to feel loose and I can begin to see progress in my shape.

My Polar watch began having problems again but I picked up a new sensor strap and now it is working again. The watch is really important to me as it allows me to not only track my workouts for later analysis, but I can track my workouts in progress. I know when to step it up in order to keep my heart rate at a specific level. The treadmill was a huge help in the beginning, but now I really have a hard time using it. I cannot get my BPM up without running, and just walking on it really makes my knees uncomfortable. I am thinking of reactivating my Lifetime Fitness membership but I hate to spend the money right now unless there is some real benefit. For the moment I ride the bike as often as I can, and most every day that it is not raining. In the back of my mind I know winter is going to bring a whole new set of issues with exercise, but for the moment I am just moving forward.

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