While looking over the last .NET project I realized my hardware and software on the development server was getting out of date. I would like to upgrade the system, and at the same time really reduce my electricity costs. Virtualization is the way to go since I can run multiple instances and VPN in through the new Cisco router. The router is giving me a hard time, but I should have it figured out in the next few weeks. Any upgrade has to have the costs kept to a minimum so I am looking over several options. There are lots of old Dell PowerEdge 1950's and 2950's on eBay, or I could try and do a whitebox build of some kind. The whitebox would give me a solution with a lot lower electricity costs, but its also riskier than pursuing a certified hardware solution.

  • Windows 2008 w/ SQL Server 2012
  • Windows 2008 running IIS 7
  • Oracle Linux with Oracle 11g Express

Future options might include the ability to run another instance for a Sharepoint server. I have not worked with Sharepoint but it is a skill that is in demand and I would benefit from learning the basics. Licensing is going to be an issue, I can't see paying full price for the MS products, so either I look at their developer editions or I think about a MSDN subscription. All of this, plus a UPS and a gigabyte switch will require some serious planning if I go the whitebox route.