My fasting blood sugar (taken on wake up) was at 116 this morning. This is a really big improvement, and this is without medication. My blood sugar during the day was only 125 taken one hour after my lunch juice (carrots and beets). My weight is at 244.4 and that matches my low of last year that I hit while building the barn/shed. The diet is really tough to maintain, and I lost it today. I steamed a head of broccoli for dinner, and ate it with lemon juice and salt. I really wanted to push through with only raw fruits and vegetables, but I was struggling after working all day. Not a big deal (it is still a veggie) but I want to peel off the weight as fast as possible. Here is picture of breakfast - oranges, apples, strawberries and mango. This creates about 30 oz (887 ml) of juice. I also had a half a cantelope at 11 AM. I just cannot seem to give up eating something, even if it is fruit. But if I am not below 240 by next Wednesday I will bear down harder. I have not weighed less than 240 for at least 4 years, maybe more. It is a good first goal - that and a FBS below 100.

juicing for breakfast