The daily workouts are building my stamina and increasing my ability to hold higher heart rate levels for a longer period. I began working on the treadmill around June 6th, but I was not following a daily routine. The fact that my old TV from 1997 does not pick up digital signals from Comcast anymore did not really help with the motivation factor (its in the basement with the treadmill). Once I had the basement cleaned and my weight bench assembled I started to put together a daily cross training program with the treadmill and free weights. Below is the HRM (heart rate monitor) data from 6/14.

heart rate monitor on treadmill

And then here is the file from yesterday, 6/17.

latest hrm data

There is a nice increase in average heart rate from 126 to 135 bpm. The most important thing is to spend more time in the 'Hard Intensity' zone, and that is above 140 bpm. This is where calorie burn occurs, and this is where I am actually pushing hard enough to break a sweat. Everyone's zones are different, these were calculated back in 2009 at Lifetime Fitness with a CardioPoint LifeLab test. Mine have probably changed since then, but this is a good starting point. Maybe if/when I get my weight somewhere down in the 220's I will go have it done again. At this point my Lifetime Fitness membership is still on hold, and I working out with my own equipment and routines.