I put together a quick juice for dinner and called dad for Fathers Day. I showed both him and mom my glass of dinner but they did not seem to be very overwhelmed with my choice. I think they are much more impressed with some ribs, or my pork chops with cream sauce :) But they encouraged me to do what I could to improve my health, and we all understand the dangers of high blood sugar and cholesterol.

a dinner juice

This pic shows how much I put together to get 4 glasses of juice for dinner. Total prep time is about an hour, but cleanup is only about 10 minutes. This batch was ok, but not nearly as good as the Mango Salsa juice I made a couple of days ago. For some reason I could not recreate that. It does take a lot of produce to juice, and finding space in the fridge is an issue. But I am going through some things like apples and oranges so quickly I do not need to refrigerate them.

I was flipping through Hulu again and found another documentary called Forks over Knives. This was a really intense movie that attempts to correlate most of the chronic, modern diseases to the western diet. Dr. T. Colin Campbell is a nutritional scientist at Cornell University who has spent a considerable amount of his career looking at plant based diets and their positive effects. He participated in something called the China Project, which is considered one of the most comprehensive studies of health and nutrition ever done. It was a collaboration between Cornell, Oxford and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine. The other guy is Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn who was a surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic and specialized in breast cancer treatment. Both of these men make a very, very persuasive argument that switching your diet can prevent or even reverse a lot of modern diseases.

I am not sure I can buy into it totally, but a lot of it makes sense. I certainly think between this, and results shown in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead are enough to convince me to try something new. I have the time right now because I am not cooking for Annie, and I have no social obligations that require me to eat out. I just need the willpower to push it long enough that it will be possible to see actual results.