The guy at the Drive-Thru (Sanlitun SoHo #5) has these pink Himalayan salt blocks for sale. He cooks his breakfast on them, so I was interested in trying one. People in the U.S. use them and rave about how cool they are, so I got one last week. First thing I did was season it with bacon, then prepare filet mignon, squid and vegetables. This was served over a bed of black ink tagliatelle from LMPlus.

The salt block process was ok for the bacon and the beef, but the squid was so salty as to be almost inedible. And after cleaning, the block had a crack down the center almost completely halving the block, though it remains whole. I will probably sand it clean and use it for presentation in the future. It has a wonderful flavor, you just have to be careful not to go to the extreme. I think in talking to the Drive-Thru owner that it takes some practice to understand how to use this the proper way.