Annie was leaving for the office and said she had a craving for lean lamb meat, so I happened to find lamb tenderloin at Schindlers that morning. I did a thing with dried red peppers, cumin seed, onion, fresh red peppers and peanuts that came out really well. So well in fact, that I had to pull the wife out from underneath the stove hood as she was devouring all of tomorrow's lunch. I got a lot of praise for this one, so I think I will work on refining the ingredients to get it the way I want. The rest was just some old standbys, the shredded sweet potato with tequila/lime juice and sliced brussel sprouts sauteed in olive oil. The thing about doing the two sides together is that the food processor is already out. Just a quick change between disks and the potato and sprouts are both processed in 10 minutes or less. You have to clean the thing anyway, so why not just use it to speed up the prep for everything?

For me, presentation is still a weak. This meal tasted great, but the way it looks on the plate is still "Wednesday-night-at-home". I need to work on this somehow. Probably pay a little more attention when we are dining out, and maybe do some research online or get a couple of books. If I could just improve this part, it would make a huge difference.