I continue to try and figure out what has gone wrong with my emulsification method, and I'm not having great luck. I have some ideas but I want to try a few more things. Tonight I remade my Green Onion Salad Dressing (the one that screwed up the other night) and while it came out better, it definetly was not the way it should be. I ended up blending it one time, refrigerating for 40 minutes and reblending. The consistency at that point was about right, but the method to getting there was way out of wack. The salad was red and green lettuce, chopped scallion, shredded zuchinni, tomato, green pepper, cucumber and chopped hard boiled egg. I topped this with slices of grilled Sicilian eggplant and chopped grilled chicken. And shredded fresh parmesan before it hits the table.

Usually we use the grill pan for our veggies but I have been wanting to try grillling some meats on it. The chicken came out nicely, but it is not even close to using the real grill. Its more like sauteing with grill marks. I could not tell any flavor difference between the grill pan and the regular skillet. The eggplant was awesome though as usual. That is where the grill pan rocks - veggies! The key to getting this salad right is making sure the dish is served with the eggplant still hot. Its the difference between blah and amazing. The pic is not that great because I saturated mine with the dressing. Annie was smarter and as always - she wants the dressing on the side :)