I know, they sound.... cheap.  Which they were, but that was the last criteria on my list.  I have been using Network Solutions since when there was only Network Solutions.  Grumpy old farts like me don't change easily, but it was really more of a stability issue.  When ICAAN first opened up domain registration to allow competition there were issues with fly-by-night companies, dispute resolution etc. and it was just safer to stick with Network Solutions.  But they have gotten greedy, and some of the marketing tactics with renewals are borderline fraud.  I wanted a new registrar for Tin Turtle, and I wanted to roll all my domains over so I could admin from a single place.

Namecheap sounded absolutely horrible, but they have a pretty good reputation.  The first year of WhoIsGuard is free, so that was a plus.  Everything was finished up today and the rolloevers went without a hitch.  No email outage, no site outage... all is good.