I downloaded the standalone version of SourceAnywhere.  Its one user free (always per their site) so I put it on the Enterprise 2003 box and it was a quick install.  The client went on the workstation fairly smooth and connected without a problem.  I went ahead and pulled the unit from the rack and checked the fans, blew out the filters etc so it would be good to go while I am in China.  I had probably a day total into getting everything setup.  But then the nightmare of bringing in 7+ years of source code from VSS began.  First of all, the problem is not with SourceAnywhere.  There is only so much they can do when it comes to maintaining the project structure when you bring it over.  And to be fair my understanding of VSS 7 years ago was not the same as it was towards the end of the life cycle, so my organization was dubious on the old stuff.  But remembering where things were branched, and why, and then trying to make sure I haven't lost something important during the import - it was a pain.  I blew away the repository more times then I can count over a period of 3 days.  Finally I think I have everything, and I burned it to DVD just in case.  I hate it, I've been at it a week and I'm not out in the shop where I want to be.  Theres only a few weeks before I have to leave.  Christmas went by and I wasn't able to get back to see my family either, so I'm less then happy.