So I downloaded VS 2008 last spring before I left for China and used it some while I was there.  I really didn't do much with it and it expired, I pulled down VS 2010 a couple of weeks ago to do the trial.  I like it, its been a while since I've had to use VS for anything.  I always despised the design interface for web pages and ended up doing a bastardized flip-flop between VS and Dreamweaver.  The design part of 2010 looks much better and thats a relief.  I don't intend to pay for a newer version of Dreamweaver and I am hoping to do everything inside VS.

My "real" copy of Visual Studio came in the mail today and I installed it on my main workstation at home (US) and held my breath and installed it on the laptop to take with me to China.  It installed ok.  I was worried they would prevent me from installing on 2 machines with this license.  Paying for this copy made my heart hurt, there's no way in hell I could justify buying two.