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Starting on the shed

clock September 16, 2011 15:49 by author Bald Turtle

I finished up my barn doors today. They came out really well, but they look more like old castle doors. Once I get them on the shed/barn I think the character will be more barn-like. I saw a light on the old school my dad took me to while in Missouri and I have been really, really wanting to find one to put on the shed. So here's a pic of the light on the old school.

So I looked around and found one on eBay and it was only $625. Cough.


This would look so cool on the front of the building when I get done. There is a minor issue with the fact that there isn't any electricity there... but..... No way I am dropping $600 bones on an old light. But I saw several of these on old abandoned buildings while I was back home. Maybe I can convince someone to let me snag one...

It will warm up tomorrow and be clear until Sunday afternoon. I have to clear the trash from around the shed and pull the siding early in the AM, so I am headed off to bed.

Detailing the cars

clock August 30, 2011 12:00 by author Bald Turtle

I spent 11 hours today washing, full body clay bar, wax and interior detailing both of our cars. I am beat. But they both look really good even though they have quite a few years on them. The Spyder is a 2003 and my truck is a 2000. I am going to dig up the picture I took of the truck when it was like 2 weeks old and Annie is standing in front of it in Arizona. I hope I still have that picture somewhere.

Shed Rotted Away

clock August 23, 2011 08:58 by author Bald Turtle

The shed was not doing well last year when I left, but I was really surprised with how bad it has deteriorated. Some animals apparently decided to modify the structure with some new ventilation, the doors are falling off and the siding is completely rotted. We store quite a few things in here, and now the new mower has to go in here as well. So it looks like this takes precedence over finishing my front window. First thing is going to be building some new doors so I can lock this thing up securely. Its been a while since I have had to hang siding.

Landscaper Fun

clock August 20, 2011 08:48 by author Bald Turtle

When I arrived back home in the U.S. I got a nice surprise. It seems the landscapers who were hired to mow and take care of the gardens decided to only mow. The neighbors were not happy as the weeds were over 9 feet tall in some places. So the landscapers came in the Sunday before I arrived and mowed all the beds flat. All the perennials, the strawberry bed... everything. Then they assumed all was well and I should pay them.... not.

Pic on the left is how its supposed to look.. one on the right is what it looks like now.

The whole thing is a real mess.

Too late to try and fix it this year. I will have to decide what to do and plan something out for next year. For now I had to go and buy a mower, bagger and spreader so I can take care of this myself until fall.

My parting gift from Beijing

clock August 6, 2011 23:18 by author Bald Turtle

Beijing left me with a special gift to remember it by, a nice case of giardia. Hard to say if this is new or something I am still fighting from a previous infection. In brief, I started getting the basic symptoms (which I won't gross you out with) late Friday afternoon. I was in bed until about 4pm yesterday and now its back to the typical recovery. At least I am familiar with it so it's not that scary. The main thing is to make myself eat and drink over the next couple of days.

Walking around here there is so much to do it is almost overwhelming. I have a few months to take care of as much as I can and it is going to be a busy time. I need to finish up with the front window and tear out as much of the upstairs bathroom as I can short of removing the drywall on the exterior side. And the garden shed has to be re-sided before it rots away to a point it is no longer repairable. So you add that to my goal of completing a piece of furniture for my portfolio.. and a guitar... and my JTM45 amp.... and it is one heck of a busy few months. And I really want to lose some weight. Annie scoffs everytime I say it but this time I really mean it. It is bothersome in so many ways, and now that we have to find our own health insurance anything related to my fitness is a potential issue and costs real money.

It is good to be home. I got ants. I got spiders. I got a house that needs some work. But it is so good to be back.

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