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My Life Bar - Beijing

clock April 19, 2011 19:38 by author Bald Turtle
It has been a long search but I have finally found a good bar in the CBD, with a great bartender and drinks. My Life Bar is about halfway between Central Park Apartments and the Place. It was a bit hidden but once I found it and got my first drink it was well worth it. So many times in Beijing you get crappy drinks. I had almost given up hope of getting a decent pour let alone decent variety. Ansen is a great bartender, but the nice part about this place is it has great decor and feel. You will not be disappointed if you bring friends or business associates here.

NY Times article on Chinese inflation

clock April 17, 2011 20:10 by author Bald Turtle
I just finished this article from the Times that explains some of the challenges here with inflation. I have wanted to build an application to track grocery costs for myself but have not done it yet. It might be interesting to see how things change over the next year or two. People back home really do not understand how incredibly expensive it is to live here.

Visited another open market

clock April 17, 2011 02:33 by author Bald Turtle
On Sunday I was out walking and found another open market just west of Blue Zoo. This was a fairly large market with lots of vegetables, fruit and mushrooms. The only downside of this market was that it is setup in a dirt lot, so if it is a windy day there is a layer of dust on the produce. Not a big deal for most things, but I probably wouldn't get my mushrooms here.

My best meal in Beijing.... ever

clock April 13, 2011 03:01 by author Bald Turtle

I look down at the shade of red on my thumb from the light passing through the glass.  It is a deep red.  A deep, beautiful red.  I am thinking about what I want to write about my meal and experience at LM Plus, Central Park, Beijing.  To explain the experience in text is difficult because it would require me to explain more about myself and what I enjoy - much more then the simplistic description of my menu choice.


a great meal occurs what? maybe once per hundred meals? maybe even less. It is the special space of time where everything comes together perfectly. Every bite gives something new, and also revisits the bite before. And when it is done and they take the plate away you feel regret that it is over. But that regret is soothed by the thought of what treasure you may find on the desert menu....

I am a critical S.O.B. when it comes to cooking. But I am also a nice guy, and in Beijing I never, ever, never expect a restaurant to live up to the standards from back home or Europe. I know what it takes to get it right. Even as much as the food etc is vitally important, it is also the atmosphere of the restaurant, and the people who run the place. I have come to be happy with what would even be below average back home. I am sure others feel the same. But that wasn't what happened to me tonight. I got the real deal. The one in a hundred moment. Where the thin slices of pork that were pan fried to perfection. And the broccoli, mushroom stuffing was perfect. Many people would not know a) how effing god damn hard that is, and b) how even harder to do it in a commercial setting where the chef has tens of other things going on at the same time. The juices were carmelized perfectly. And the chef did it in a kitchen the size of a large coat closet with only electric appliances. It made me look at my own skills and want to cry. Even better the suggested wine was so good. In Beijing - the wine was good. Who the hell even knew that phrase was possible? After my meal Massimo Masili sent a very special glass of red wine to my table. It is those types of gestures that show you are in a place where the owner and staff also understand the special moment when a great meal experience occurs. Yes I dine because I am hungry. And yes I eat out sometimes to stay within a certain price point. But really, what we are all looking for is one of those rare moments when everything is perfect and you walk out with the glow. Thats what I got at LM Plus.

Updates & Changes

clock April 7, 2011 02:02 by author Bald Turtle

I have put more project pages together and posted those.  Earlier this week we had the "Tomb Sweeping" holiday so its been a short week.  The stomach sickness is brutal, it looks like I am going to have to go ahead with the treatment.  I have been holding off because its really hard on the body, plus there is a chance it causes cancer.  Fun times.

Chicken Pot Pie w/ pate brisee (short paste)

clock March 27, 2011 00:43 by author Bald Turtle

I've been craving some chicken pot pie and when I saw fresh peas at Jenny Lou I decided to go for it.  I used a ceramic dish I picked up at the Pantry Magic sale along with a new pie crust recipe.  The crust is from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. 1, page 140. I used the version for the food processor and it was the strangest pie crust/dough I have ever made. It was very, very wet and had a consistency like fluffy sand.  I scooped it out on a floured board and was only able to roll it to between 1/2 and 3/4" (1.3 - 2 cm).  I was sure it was a failure but wow.... was one of the best pot pie crusts I have ever had.  I need to go back and make it again, as well as the hand version to see if I am doing it correctly.

Pantry Magic Beijing is closing

clock March 25, 2011 19:24 by author Bald Turtle

I received a depressing email this morning that Pantry Magic is going to shut down in Beijing.  It seems they are looking for a new owner to reopen later, but as of now there are no certain plans.  Items are up to 50% off for the close, so I nabbed a great cast iron casserole dish, and some ceramic bakeware.  Pantry Magic was really the only decent store for cooking items that I knew of in Beijing.  The stores at Lufthansa Center were ridiculously priced.  At least Pantry Magic had great quality at close to U.S. prices.


Added more project pages

clock March 24, 2011 02:33 by author Bald Turtle

I loaded in some more pictures and project pages over the last week.  Its been a rough week, despite being extremely careful I managed to come down with another case of Giardia.  The stuff is brutal but I got hold of some Tinidazole so at least its not a long term problem.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie w/ Blackberry Jam

clock March 23, 2011 00:59 by author Bald Turtle

I have two .5 kilo packages of dutch cocoa powder that were brought back from the U.S. about a year ago and I need to start using them.  It makes wicked hot chocolate by the way.  Anyway, I tried a recipe off of Food TV that combines a basic peanut butter cookie recipe with cocoa and then blackberry jam centers.  Wowsa.....  was good stuff.

Back in the P.R.C.

clock February 6, 2011 22:42 by author Bald Turtle

Flew into Beijing on United.  Direct and business class.... I tried to enjoy it as much as possible as those days are probably gone. It is back to economy plus.  I hate flying more and more - and this from a guy who loves airplanes.  Flying is ok, its the people that suck.

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