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Boskey Bicycle in the House

clock February 5, 2016 14:16 by author Bald Turtle

We took delivery on a Boskey Shuttler today and it looks to be a great find. Boskey is a very small company northeast of Beijing in Shunyi and they specialize in adventure bikes. They also have some other models and the Shuttler is one that my wife thought would be a good fit. Once we got her on it and riding she was really excited and truly loved the bike. Its fun seeing someone who has never owned a real performance bike suddenly realize what it means to be able to go fast. And have something that actually fits her. I really like the bike, it has some nice details and of course I am a believer in steel frames.

Boskey Shuttler

Boskey Bicycle

Boskey Bike

custom Chinese bicycle

handmade in China bicycle

Whole Lamb!

clock February 1, 2016 14:05 by author Bald Turtle

I got a call around 1pm saying that a friend of my brother-in-law was going to drop off a whole lamb at the apartment if I was willing to process it. It was hard to turn down a whole Mongolian lamb, especially when I had never seen one before so I told them to come on over. It was still partially frozen so I worked as fast as possible to pull the frozen parts off and bag them for the freezer. It was a job, as in about a 6 hour job. I made a couple of gallons of lamb stock from the weird parts, and froze most of the rest. As we ate some of this later in the week it was really obvious this was a fresh lamb. Super tasty. The rest was divided up among my wife's family to eat later this year. With the vacuum bag storage it should last up to a year.

Whole Mongolian Lamb

lamb in Beijing

massive Chinese lamb ribs

Infusion for the New Year

clock January 20, 2016 13:59 by author Bald Turtle

I made a special infusion for my in-laws and the Chinese New Year. Every year they drink this Chinese baijo which tastes like kerosene, so this year I made a bourbon infusion. I have made it for them before and they really like it, and it gets me out of having to drink the kerosene. This batch was made with green apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and vanilla beans. Infused into what we hope is real (not fake) Wild Turkey.

apple pie bourbon infusion

Terribly Sick Again

clock January 18, 2016 13:55 by author Bald Turtle

I have been terribly sick with both a chest cold and giardia at the same time. I have been sick with giardia twice this trip which is very unusual for me. I almost always get it one time, but I have gotten it both times this trip almost back to back, barely 10 days between each round. I think there may be something wrong with our water purifier.

Dinner at home

clock January 15, 2016 13:46 by author Bald Turtle

I have really stopped working on complex recipes and am mostly focused on providing us with as many meals per day as possible so that we don't have to eat in restaurants. I love Chinese food and going out, but the cooking in most of these places is high in oil and the hygiene is dubious at best. By knocking out steady, tasty meals we can spend time at home and save money. Plus we just enjoy being in the apartment, unwinding without having to deal with the hassles that come with traveling in cold weather. Mostly I do Asian dishes but once in a while I will throw in something like this veggie pasta thing with a scratch made marinara. I cranked up the green beans with some fresh Harbin sausage. Nothing complicated but still a good healthy meal.

harbin sausage and green beans

veggie pasta

The Air is Clear!

clock January 8, 2016 13:33 by author Bald Turtle

It was a huge relief to have the air clear up after January 1st. Today was crystal clear and I took off on a 30 mile ride through the city even though it was only 18F. It was a super cold ride and my toes were not happy by the end, but it was absolutely worth it. You know its cold when there isn't any crowd in front of the Forbidden City. Coming home I tucked in behind an electric scooter that was carrying two parents and a baby. We rode for about 4 miles before they turned.

bicycling in China

winter riding gear in China

Bicycle the Forbidden City

Pho Power

clock January 5, 2016 13:25 by author Bald Turtle

I have a thing for Vietnamese Pho and as cold as it is outside it seemed like a good time to try some out. I used a recipe from the chef at The Slanted Door in San Francisco and made a few changes to it was doable in Beijing. I love boiling a whole chicken for half the day as it brings up the humidity in the apartment and the smell is awesome. It was an extremely good soup, I really nailed the flavor.

Vietnamese Pho

Mastering the Clay Pot

clock December 28, 2015 13:17 by author Bald Turtle

Since Annie's favorite spot has some great clay pot dishes I decided to try and create a couple of recipes. It is an interesting technique and when done properly the rice has a crunchy flavor on the bottom. It is her comfort food and its darn tasty. Tonight I did a lamb rib version along with a couple of other dishes. Still not quite right but I was afraid to fire the clay pot directly on the stove top. But after talking with some people it seems these clay pots should be safe directly over a gas flame.

Christmas Pollution

clock December 25, 2015 13:07 by author Bald Turtle

The holiday season is going to be tough on Santa this year, I doubt he can find any chimneys in China he would be willing to go down anyway. The AQI is horrible, and the smell is very bad this year. I can feel it burning my lungs even at home and we are running two air purifiers 24/7. Annie has a new respirator mask that plugs in to recharge, it is like something out of a science fiction movie. If you ever wanted to see what unregulated coal plants would do to the environment, come to the capital of China.

air pollution in Beijing

Chinese air quality

air pollution mask in China

Finished Foogs Guitar

clock December 19, 2015 14:58 by author Bald Turtle

We finally wrapped up Fugar's guitar and sent it back with him to UCLA. The kid did well with designing the shape and accessories. It was a little heavy and too big to fit a standard case, but for a first attempt I thought it came out great.

custom guitar

handmade guitar

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