This site was created as a place for me to publish articles and pictures about the things I enjoy in life.  At the moment I live in two places, a home outside of Chicago and an apartment in Beijing.  Sometimes it can be very difficult, and sometimes its very rewarding.  I hope this site is something that people will find interesting and useful especially if you are planning on living in Beijing.

As the site develops I hope to bring the focus more towards my main interests, woodworking, brewing and bicycling. Starting in 2012 I began to put together the materials to assemble a 1 barrel (29 gallon/110 liter) all electric brewery. Because my home in China is an apartment on the 25th floor it is safer to utilize electricity instead of gas.  The brewery is controlled using either my laptop or iPad and gives excellent results.  Over the last three years when I am in China I try to meet with as many food and beverage people as possible, learning what works best in China and developing a network of friends I hope to keep for a long time.

hall table, woodworkingI design and fabricate contemporary furniture and guitars using all types of hardwoods. Primarily I use reclaimed North American hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut etc. I also enjoy using some South American exotic woods. I find that I am influenced strongly by Shaker traditions, but I enjoy all styles of furniture design. Presently I reside in Beijing for about half the year and Chicago for the other half so my time in the shop is limited to the summer months.

Mindspear TechnologiesI started my first business, Mindspear Technologies in 1995 shortly after the release of the Mosaic browser. I was doing software sales and had slowly migrated over to the development side. I have worked on projects in sweepstakes, transaction printing and the insurance industry.  Beginning in 2006 I phased out of software development to pave the way for my move to China. Mindspear Technologies has been brought back to life as a consulting business for people interested in importing craft beers to China. I also review documents for Chinese companies who are putting together presentations in English.

I haven been very fortunate in life and met some very successful people. I have had the pleasure of working in a variety of industries and learning those business models. I am always interested in what people are doing. If you are living in Beijing and would like to get together for a dinner or drink just send me a contact.
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